Thursday, November 23, 2006

It Doesn't Cost a Lot to Promote your Business Online!

Most small business operators have the misconception that they cannot afford to promote their business online. In fact, just the opposite is true - they cannot afford to not promote their business online!

Small businesses can have a Website for under $100 annually. Local and nationwide pay-per-click advertising, when prepared and managed by a knowledgeable person, is affordable and can yield a very high ROI. Simple things like distributing a monthly e-mail newsletter will significantly boost sales while incurring minimal cost. Low-cost link exchanges with complementary Websites will drive qualified traffic to a small business. Doing online press releases and distributing free articles will add hundreds (if not thousands) of interested monthly Website visitors.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. In today's troubled world, I hope you take time out to count your blessings and let your cared ones know how much you love them. ;~)

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