Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Valuable Content is Key to Website Marketing

Many small businesses treat their Websites as nothing more than an online brochure. This is OK if all you want is a place for sales and support people to point customers and prospects. But it foregoes the opportunity to tap into a worldwide, 24x7 market.

The best and simplest way to turn your small business Website into a marketing machine is to add valuable content that is periodically refreshed. This can be free useful tools, authoritative whitepapers, articles or eBooks, a directory to useful sources, etc. These build credibility, a preprequisite to collecting names, phone numbers and email addresses. And if you are selling online, achieving credibility among site visitors is an absolute prerequisite for success.

Add valuable content means that your site is more likely to be bookmarked as well, leading to return visitors. If your content captures attention, it is more likely to get passed on to colleagues and business associates too. This is called "viral marketing," a phenomenon that can significantly increase your business.

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