Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nothing Beats Low-Cost Email Marketing for Boosting Sales

If email newsletters are not central to your real estate marketing strategy, you are missing the boat. Email marketing gives more "bang for the buck" than any other form of promotion:

Advertising Medium


% Viewers




Direct Mail






Newspaper Ad






Email marketing offers real estate professionals significant advantages:

1. As seen above, the return-on-investment can be astronomical!

2. Whereas other forms of advertising are shot-gun approaches, email marketing can be very targeted by using segmented email lists.

3. By building opt-in email lists, recipients have already agreed to receive emails about certain topics, and email delivery percentages dramatically increase rather than winding up in a spam folder.

4. Opt-in email lists available from third parties can also be utilized to target specific demographics or geographical locations.

5. Email marketing also promotes relationship building for future real estate business and client retention..

6. Email marketing often enjoys viral benefits, wherein your emails are forwarded to friends, family and colleagues.

7. Email marketing can be used for a variety of purposes, such as promotions, newsletters, event management and online surveys.

8. Autoresponders allow automated email responses and follow-ups to be preprogrammed, enhancing sales productivity.

9. Email results can be tracked - the number of opens, the number of clicks, etc. Moreover, you can actually determine who clicked on what link in a newsletter, for example, and then further segment your email list according to interest. Eventually, one can derive highly-targeted email lists consisting of pre-qualified recipients.

In short, email marketing is the least expensive, most productive means of reaching clients, nurturing prospects and pushing your message to the marketplace.. If your company is not doing email marketing, you are foregoing a huge opportunity to boost sales!

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